Infinite Nows

Faketual Reality

by Paulina Zybinska (CH)
Built upon the architecture of the human brain, the neural-based nature of machine learning offers intricate manners of algorithmic manipulation of the moral and political attitudes of humans. The usage of synthetic media becomes more prevalent in moderating digital environments where users interact with content that is tailored to feed their biases and judgements. Faketual Reality is an audiovisual installation, which investigates the understanding of "fake" and "real" in correlation with the growing ability of synthetic media. The installation offers a participatory and individualised experience, where the audience encounters themselves with a twisted version of their own persona. By combining visual and audio layers in the deepfakes, the generated videos create an eerie sense of familiarity which perplexes the viewer’s self perception.
  • 8.—12. September


    LOOPS OF WISDOM Exhibitions

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    Infinite Nows - Splace am Hauptplatz
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    Post-it to Post-it: 2020-2030
    Shaping the Future, Hauptplatz 6
    Time-based and Interactive Media Arts - Hauptplatz 6, Hauptplatz 8, Strafsachengalerie