Time-based and Interactive Media Arts


by Chiara Matschnig (AT)
FLOATING is a spatial installation that deals with the theme of dissociation, and in particular depersonalization, a phenomenon from psychology in which people no longer perceive themselves as a unified person. Here, the shower symbolizes a space in which one feels extreme closeness to oneself and the repetitive soundscape can simultaneously lead to a meditative, almost trance-like state. On the verge of sensual overstimulation, feelings of alienation can arise. How is identity constituted when our perception is not "true"? What security remains when perceived reality is not absolute? FLOATING describes the feelings and associations that accompany this uncertainty. The installation lets us feel how fragile the presence and absence of consciousness is. A hovering between order and disorientation, security and discomfort, feeling and numbness.
  • 8.—12. September


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