From Voice to Voltage / From Sound to Shape

by Genevieve Howard (IE)


The objects we choose to adorn our bodies with are personal expressions of ourselves, and can act as extensions of our identity. Our voice is fundamental when it comes to our identity. It is the sonic medium which allows us to express ourselves and it conveys our emotions in real time. The work aims to connect the autobiographical and personal relations that wearable objects mediate with the unique qualities of our individual voices. A digital system was created to remap the frequencies of the human voice in real time while speaking or singing into electrical voltages. These voltages can then directly change the colour of reactive metals such as titanium. The voice is used as a generative tool in the design process to directly influence the colour and shape of a material. The result is a unique representation of the human voice in the form of a tangible wearable object.
  • 8.—12. September


    LOOPS OF WISDOM Exhibitions

    COLOR-MOVEMENT-SOUND - Hauptplatz 6
    Crafting Futures Lab - Hauptplatz 8
    FLUT Freiluft, Hauptplatz 8, Hauptplatz 6
    Haptic Experience - Hauptplatz 6
    Infinite Nows - Splace am Hauptplatz
    Interface Cult - Hauptplatz 8
    Metamorphosis - Hauptplatz 6, Strafsachengalerie
    Play with Pixels - Hauptplatz 8
    Post-Covid Fictions - Hauptplatz
    Post-it to Post-it: 2020-2030
    Shaping the Future, Hauptplatz 6
    Time-based and Interactive Media Arts - Hauptplatz 6, Hauptplatz 8, Strafsachengalerie