Timebased and interactive Media Art


Hauptplatz 8 / 3. Floor
Hauptplatz 6 / ground Floor

→exhibition projects

Lisa Patscheider (AT)

Political Skin


Man likes to grow a second skin for unpleasant situations.
The skin that turns away beggars on the street.
The skin that repels frightening news from distant countries.
The skin grows and thickens until suddenly nothing seems to matter, nothing can penetrate.

“Political Skin” is born out of political frustration, the pressure for self-expression and a persistent Weltschmerz. Lisa Patscheider grows a second skin of latex, an involuntary protective mechanism against the world. Completely motionless, she endures the hours-long procedure in which the liquid is applied to her layer by layer. Finally, the skin is peeled off, the liberation from the political skin.

Performance partner: Janelle Langbroek
Camera, lighting, sound: Chiara Matschnig


Emilia Vogt (DE)



Physical touch as a powerful emotional connector made audible. The performance and sound installation is about generating sound by touching another human. By touching each other, the circuit is closed, and different filters are triggered. Receiving physical signs of affection is a strong and wholesome language in our communication. To make it more perceptible, every touch is a sound.

Lisa Studener (AT)



Krisenherd, which translates as “trouble spot”, examines both large and smaller problems that beset the western world, reacting to them with lightness and a certain charm. The digital illustrations come alive through the app Artivive and show short, frame-by-frame animations.

Axel Bräuer (AT)

Virtual Tablesoccer 

A touchscreen single-player/multi-player table soccer game for android smartphones and tablets.

Leon DeHaas (NL)

Downside Up

In an age of excessive information and therefore also misinformation, it’s all too easy to take a cynical view on life. Visualizing this cynical world that we live in hopefully opens up the conversation for a more optimistic one.

Verena Steininger (AT)


Touch the artist through touching the clay and listen to the sounds produced in emotional situations, just like the clay figures. To touch someone is intimate, and the artist invites you to explore this sensation.

Janik Valler (DE)


The audio-visual installation Holofreq is an analysis of synthetic sounds as well as heavily processed field recordings, which generate graphical textures, noises and displacements.


Diana Bohutska (PL)


Societies are still not homogeneous. They contain a range of desires that are in conflict with one another and can never be satisfied simultaneously. Utopia is a VRworld  with a community that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its members. Through conscious usage of sources, deep understanding of connections arises: __ humans___ live forms___ nature___signals___

The utopia of the future offers a way of thinking about the present.

Joann Lee (KR)


The project *Your (Self) Portrait* was inspired by an old story called *Butades*, or *Origin of Painting*. The artist reconstructed the roles in the story into an interactive installation, using a Kinect sensor. In this artwork, users can experience audiences, models and painters by drawing themselves with their own gestures.

Tolga Karaaslan (AT)



Driven by a desire to create connections between cultures, the artist developed a universal alphabet with influences from existing alphabets and pictographic writings from around the world. Stylistically, his work is inspired by Arabic and Asian calligraphy. In this installation, visitors are able to use this animated alphabet, then take their text home with them.

Chiara Estella Wernbacher (AT)


SMD22 is a VR installation that allows viewers to immerse themselves in the world we are exposed to every day on social media. It is a critique of the abundance of information and stimuli, and the associated problems with social media.

Chiara Estella Wernbacher (AT)


Good and evil always co-exist. The fine line between happiness and unhappiness runs through our entire existence. One second can change everything. In this installation, the artist merges animations, and thus fortune and misfortune.

Simon Lukas Haunschmid (AT)

The Electromechanic Cellphone

Being some sort of design study in its own right, the artwork represents an early 2000’s vintage mobile phone with every part of its main functions, like, for example the ringtone executed by old, analogue machinery and devices.

Michael Burgstaller (AT)

Virtual Gallery

Aiming to address questions about creativity and artistic authorship in times of digitally mass-produced art, this virtual gallery displays images and videos generated with multiple open-source GANs and other algorithms using descriptive commands and visual prompts.

Daniel Haas (AT) 

VRA peek

VRA_peek is an audio-visual performance that creates sound exclusively out of images. The performer uses code to produce images, which are converted in real time into a stream of audio-data, creating a totally in-sync audio-visual experience. A squared screen projection, shows the current visual information, being also the source of the audible audio. The images contain mostly simple elements, like stripes, gradients or circles, which then can be distorted by, or mixed with noise. This way the character of the performance ranges from long-drawn, slow moving sinewave harmonics and sharp concrete square waves, to complex evolving rhythmical structures, as a result of hectic stroboscopic shape-shifting.

Carlotta Borcherding (DE)


UP&DOWN is an interactive work where the users of the interface, a swing, experience an emotional journey through a digital space. By swinging, the user triggers and displays information that eventually leads to emotional abuse and the phenomenon of information overload. The work thereby visualizes and criticizes the concept of systematic manipulation that is used daily by social media platforms.

Alberte Spork (DK)

Future Fossil

Future Fossil is a mixed reality sculpture that explores the relationship between materials, knowledge and time. The stone, a long-lasting medium, contrasts with the virtual element which is only visible in an augmented reality space. Additionally, the stone is a fragment of the sculpture crossing into the physical space just as fossils are fragments of other times leaking into the present.

→Deepspace projects

Emilia Vogt (DE)

Firework Wheel

This project is about creating a firework wheel by running in circles. Colored particles are generated if the visitor steps into a circle. The faster the visitor runs, and the more people are in, the louder the sound of the firework gets. It’s a playful way to work together as a group and to see what fireworks may look like in the future.

Ariathney Coyne (GR)

the mind is circular

the mind is circular is an interactive, contemporary movement performance. The code was created with dancers in mind, but has come to include performers of all kinds. Performers improvise with movements that relate to gyrating figures while considering the traces of their movements.

Joann Lee (KR)

In the Coloring

Contrary to ordinary coloring books, this project does not show lines to color in. Users fill in the blanks on the floor with the colors they are given. After coloring in all the blanks, users can see the painting on the wall that is created together in unintentional colors.

Friederike Weber (DE)


Lines is a program which transforms multiple lines into one. If you touch the floor, a black line will appear. Visitors can decide on their own how long and large their line should be.  Strangers can create one art piece together, which is then shown on the wall.


Axel Bräuer (AT)

Hot Air Balloons

3D-rendered hot air balloons, floating over the ocean, can be controlled via the deep space laser tracking interface.

Daniel Haas (AT)

Schwarzes Rauschen

Schwarzes Rauschen is an immersive interactive installation, consisting of 12 different, dynamic worlds, which change their environment depending on the movement of the group of people that are currently tracked. Each world contains a certain amount of noise, randomness, decreasing with every level. Starting at a level of pure chaos, each of the following worlds become more structured and harmonic, ending in total silence and darkness, inspired by the process of calming down during meditation. From the maximum amount of information to no information at all. From white to black noise.

Carlotta Borcherding (DE)


Environment (Umgebung) is an interactive space where users may create visual content based on a simple line pattern. During the interaction the users’ movement and their connection with one another are visualized on the walls. This work focuses on the deconstruction of a static environment through movement, thereby translating it into an organic and vibrant space. Thanks to a cooperation with dancers from the ABPU a performance is being developed where the artists express movement creating new visual dynamics.