A Bundle of Echoes

by Mina Paasche (Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts)

Video diary from Shillong, India – where you meet three visually impaired protagonists that practice echolocation to navigate using sound and ‘see’ with the use of their ears and hands. The project sees blindness as a mode of being that is different from the visual. Following Diderot’s view that “sight is the most superficial of the senses”, Thomas Tajo believes that blindness allows him to experience and interact with the world much more closely and intimately than the sense of sight might do.

The protagonists conquer a new and unknown wild territory, being the first group of visually impaired hiking through the jungle, crossing the living three root bridges and climbing the famous three huts in Meghalaya. They are wandering both physically and mentally through a wild and rough environment, breaking norms and stigma about how you should behave as a person with sight variations.