Affection Laboratory for a Migrant Plant

by Natacha Cabellos (Universitat Politècnica de València)

This project is part of a recent research focused on the migration of nature, such as animals, plants, fungi and all natural elements that migrate from one territory to another, a silent migration forced by the direct and indirect consequences of the development of man and his technological advance.

It reflects on the migration of sacred Latin American plants to inhospitable territories for their growth, as well as their adaptation and resistance processes. Through an interaction between a machine and a natural object, this project seeks to revive the memory of nature of its free and untamed state at a symbolic and poetic level through the act of caressing. In this way, the way to a new form of communication is opened: the intensity of the caress of the robotic hand organically modifies a pattern of generative particles, creating shapes that never repeat.