by Carla Zamora (AT), Smirna Kulenović (BIH), Indiara Di Benedetto (IT), Tiia Suorsa (FI), Iosune Sasarate (ES) & various others

COCO-lands is a growing digital archive of international media artists dealing with the global COVID-19 crisis. Starting from March 15th, the participants shared their personal reflections on the various forms of isolation from a variety of geographical contexts: from almost complete isolation in Italy, over the strict measures in Austria, to the serious social consequences in the USA and a permanent isolation on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The contributing artists decided to create their digital diaries as a ritual without knowing when the process might end—first and foremost in order to inspire each other against the quarantine of their passions and against the virus as a social epidemic. Thereby they tried to understand and overcome the personal and social anxiety and the repression that are slowly becoming a central element of the current globalized lifestyle.

Carla Zamora (AT) – project lead, curation, contributing artist
Smirna Kulenović (BIH) – concept, curation, contributing artist
Indiara Di Benedetto (IT) – graphic design, editorial & social media, contributing artist
Tiia Suorsa (FI) – visual communication & web coordination, contributing artist
Iosune Sasarate (ES) – technological lead, contributing artist

Tags:Installation, Online, Online Platform, Performance, Photography, Sound, Video