In-between Privacy

by Jaskaran Anand (AT/IN)
Technical Direction: Stefan Fuchs (AT)
In-between Privacy emphasizes on the interconnectedness of society and addresses the visibly rising importance of the “Body.Self” interactions. The project aims at developing a new language for understanding privacy (physical & digital) of the individual and moreover discusses the private/public space definitions within a society made of diverse cultures. In-between Privacy is grounded on the idea that there is no separation of “me”, but rather a collective “I”. It manifests through an interdisciplinary series of performances, discussions and digital prototype(s) focusing on the geo-political nature of the “Body.Self” to enhance social interactions at various levels with the audience and with the artist. It adheres to the concept of “True.Self” & “False.Self", where the “True.Self” can also be hypothesized as the copy of the digital content, as Avatar, that is unknown to an individual. Collaborators*: Kunst Vermittlung Museen der Stadt Linz (NORDICO), Plankton Electronics Movement, Spätschicht, RENU, Kilian Jörg, NANNA, Monica Vlad, Yazdan Zand
Tags:Body.Self, Digital.Self, False.Self, Online/Offline Performance, True.Self