Portrait of a Generative Memory

by Indiara Di Benedetto (IT)
How does a person interpret and remember a human face? How can these memories and related emotions be communicated? As an attempt to remember individual faces while dealing with large amounts of pictures, Portrait of a Generative Memory focuses on the subjective interpretation of personal memories by collecting information about the elements that people are able to memorize about a human face. The project is centered on the relationship between observation and imagination: observation, as the method used to internalize reality through our intellect, emotions and experience; imagination, as a personal and individual interpretation of a given experience and influenced by the thinking patterns of the individual. Independent from any precise logical elaboration, it processes the content of a sensory experience. The elements of the human face that a person can remember are combined and interpreted to generate a new series of abstract and unrepeatable portraits.
Tags:Face Memory, Interactive installation, Interpretation, Memory, Mnemonic Device, Performance, Portrait