Haptic Experience

  • 8.—12. September

    12:00—20:00 Loops of Wisdom Exhibition

    COLOR-MOVEMENT-SOUND - Hauptplatz 6
    Crafting Futures Lab - Hauptplatz 8
    FLUT Freiluft, Hauptplatz 8, Hauptplatz 6
    Haptic Experience - Hauptplatz 6
    Infinite Nows - Splace am Hauptplatz
    Interface Cult - Hauptplatz 8
    Metamorphosis - Hauptplatz 6, Strafsachengalerie
    Play with Pixels - Hauptplatz 8
    Post-Covid Fictions - Hauptplatz
    Post-it to Post-it: 2020-2030
    Shaping the Future, Hauptplatz 6
    Time-based and Interactive Media Arts - Hauptplatz 6, Hauptplatz 8, Strafsachengalerie

Smart technologies offer a wide field of inspirations for innovation focused on multi-sensoric interaction. Main approach of the presented two design projects is the enhancement of haptic and tactile interactions and impressions. 

The master thesis „Parents device & baby mattress for premature babies in incubators” of Aleksandra Radlak offers improvement of bonding between parents and premature babies lying inside an incubator by tactile and haptic stimuli.

Faculty: Elke Bachlmair