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Concert and interview with Reinhard Reisenzahn: “CVG/CVF”

by Reinhard Reisenzahn (AT)
CVG/CVF a man-machine-sound performance Connected by cables and electrodes to a modular synthesizer, the pulse and movement of the body influence the sound generation. Electrical impulses from the synthesizer in turn control muscle activity. An experiment between synchronization, symbiosis and control.
Reinhard Reisenzahn is a musician, sound engineer and student at the Kunstuniversität Linz. Since 2019 he has been working on a modular synthesizer that has become the central element of his projects. He uses it as an instrument for sound compositions as well as for controlling manipulated media devices.

  • Hauptplatz 8 - Courtyard
  • 10. September
    12:00 - 13:00: bluetooth encounters
    13:00 - 14:00: sounding Linz #1: Christoph Frey
    17:00 - 17:30: Binaural #1: RGBlaster (A. Vladut + F. Mougel)
    17:30 - 18:00: Binaural #1: Enrique Tomás
    19:00 - 20:00: Concert and interview with Reinhard Reisenzahn: "CVG/CVF"
    20:00 - 21:00: DJ-Set by ✧*:・゚✧sch4tzi✧*:・゚✧
    21:00 - 22:00: DJ-Set by shamani boy