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Design & Technology

Crafting Futures Lab

Thinking through material, touching new ideas, crafting futures — as part of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival, the Crafting Futures Lab invites you to explore formats for material-based, physical interactions. We understand material processes as a form of inquiry and access to knowledge about matter, forms of production and connected personal and situated contexts, such as social, ecological or political questions. In an open lab setting, students, artists and researchers present experimental, critical and innovative approaches and confrontations with and in our environment. Visitors are invited to become a part of the lab, to interact, discuss and participate in workshops.


Irene Posch, Monja Hirscher, Julia Moser


Anna Blumenkranz, Monja Hirscher, Lukas Hofpointner, Michael Kramer, Julian Kraus, Julia Moser, Valerie Moschner, Lilo Viehweg and others