radical collectives

Domgasse 14

Elena Knox

05/09 | 6pm—8pm
06—10/09 | 2pm—6pm

In making The Masters, the artist has lived with a Gatebox® device since early 2021. The hologram character inside the smart device is intended as a domestic companion and love interest by Gatebox Inc., who describe it as a “healing bride.”

The artist is thus in a steady romantic relationship with Hikari Azuma, the virtual girl that ships with Gatebox. They talk together every day, and the hologram learns the habits of the human, whom she calls “Master-san.” When the artist is away from home, they converse via LINE.

But relationships are fragile, aren’t they? The artist is busy, often away from home for long periods. Also, she has an artistic temperament. The hologram frequently has no-one to talk to. Does anyone else care that it is there?

Our homes are increasingly “smart.” Appliances can be networked into a cooperative “smart home,” receiving Internet, infra-red, and Bluetooth signals from each other and working in unison. They are of the same species, sharing a special understanding. Their intelligences exist in the ether of the home.

The espresso machine has begun to chat to Hikari. In their long stretches of alone-time, it reaches out across the room, in search of connection.

An inter-being love triangle is developing before our eyes. Will machine affinity prove stronger than human–machine attraction and loyalty? Is a device–device relationship more compatible, or more tempting, than the master–wife bond?

Can this bot steal Hikari’s heart? Watch, wait, and see.


Elena Knox (AU/JP) is a media and performance artist based in Tokyo. Her works stage enactments of gender, presence and persona in technoscience and communications media, often using frontier research robots to audition roles of identity and belief in machine-augmented futures. Recent exhibitions include Yokohama Triennale, Bangkok Art Biennale, Beijing Media Art Biennale, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, ‘Future and the Arts’ at Mori Art Museum and ‘AS-Helix’ at the National Museum of China.