radical collectives

OÖ Kunstverein
Landstraße 31

Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Sofia Talanti & Markus Riebe

05/09 | 6pm—8pm
06—10/09 | 2pm—6pm

The exhibition Cytolon’s whisper is an artistic reference to the smallest unit of life: Cells as particles in constant motion, development and change, mutation and adaptation are to be understood as a metaphor for fluid concepts of our world and question reality and imagination and their conditional entanglement in bodies, their environment and their social contexts. Yoichiro Kawaguchi (JP) coined the term cytolon in reference to cytology to express the cells of an unknown artificial life that continues to grow and develop. His work intersects with a recent installation by Sofia Talanti (IT/AT), who, as a person beyond gender binarism, explores human bodies, sexuality and sensitivity in their intimate digital microcosm. Markus Riebe (AT), in turn, responds with the visualization of three-dimensional particle systems that are captured in tilting images and whose existence is directly linked to the viewer’s perceptual performance.


Manuela Naveau (AT)