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WAAAW World Artists Agency Against War

WAAAW is an Artistic Agency Against War. War is an unjust odyssey, in its premises and in its outcomes; war makes murder legitimate; war is a spiral at the bottom of which today there is the risk of the extinction of life as we know it. What contribution can art and design make to preventing or stopping war? Certainly, it could awaken consciences, but not only that; art and design can investigate, challenge and question war itself. So, why war? Why are we so afraid of peace

Space&designstrategies’ year-long project initiated the WAAAW Archive, conceived as a mobile and collaborative device for all students’ artworks, which will be activated around the city. The archive is a composition of diverse elements, such as a critical kitchen, chocolate weapons, moss room, border earths, pieces of peace, lost memories, anti-war laughter, a broadcasting station and more. The archive works as an interactive tool in public space to enable encounters, moments of sharing and assembly. Wherever it stops, it communicates issues around art, war and possible strategies against it. Once a day, WAAAW will organize a walk from the main square below the foundation of the University at Hauptplatz 8, to address the history of the building and activate this invisible space to shape collective Agency.


Giulia Mazzorin, Sabine Pollak, Lorenzo Romito, Andrea Curtoni, Josef Maier, Franziska Schink , Ayan Rezaei, Xian Zheng, Berit Seidel (U5), Başak Tuna, Matteo Locci (Fonduk), Anne Laure Amilhat-Szary, Sophie Netzer, Luca Caldironi, Irina Müller, Lorenz Willer, Tomiris Dmitrievskikh, Lorenzo Iannantuoni, Viktoria Hauser, Sabrina Hauzinger, Margarita Gimaeva, Anna Proissl, Olivia Kudlich, Celeste Montales, Dzejla Cindrak, Margarira Ivanova, Shahrzad Khanmohammadihezaveh, Netanya van Dam, Michaela Všetečková, Strasser-Kirchweger, Franciska Dutzler, Chaz Gervais, Alen Panganiban, Robin Renner, Bastian Lehner, Fiona Prohaska, Alireza Karkhaneh 2 map: Eva-Maria Siegler, Rebecca Strasser- Kirchweger, Netanya van Dam, Franciska Dutzler, Michaela Všetečková, Sabrina Hauzinger