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Time-based and Interactive Media Arts

Interplayful Sensoric Environments

A major area of research within the Time-Based and Interactive Media Arts Department is the playful exploration of the interactions between humans, sensors, and a high-resolution projection system. The result is a wide range of applications and artworks that invite the audience to experiment and interact, as well as live performances in collaboration with dancers and performers. Twelve of these recent works will be presented in Deep Space 8K of the Ars Electronica Center and in Studio 1 at Hauptplatz 8 as part of the Kunstuni Campus exhibition.

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Helena Brunnbauer (AT), Tolga Karaaslan (AT), Gizem Kuş (AT), Valentin Vojka (AT), Friederike Weber (DE), Hannes Buchwieser (DE), Katarina Krupičkova (SK), Mamoun Bakour (SY), Hazem Wakaf (SY), Elena K. Richtsfeld (AT), Emilia Vogt (DE), Philomena Juen (AT), Verena Mühling (AT), Lena Isabella Deisenberger (AT), Patricia G.ckert (AT), Ariathney Coyne (US/GR), Daniela Hanelova (CZ)


Tolga Karaaslan (AT), Jakob Luckeneder (AT), Friederike Weber (DE), Juliana Vargas Rodriguez (CO), Carlotta Borcherding (DE), Hannes Buchwieser (DE), Ania B.haker (AT), Sofia Jüngling-Badia (AT), Ania Böhaker (AT), Patricia Göckert (AT), Julian Holzer (IT), Emilia Vogt (DE), Lisa Studener (AT), Janik Valler (DE), Ildiko Mayr (AT), Ben Ramsmaier (AT), Isabel Schulz (AT)