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Breaking The Ice

September 10 | 3:00 PM3:30 PM

VR Immersive Theater
Korea National University of Arts

Hauptplatz 8 | ground floor

Production: K’arts Art and Technology Lab
Creator: Sngmoo Lee (KR)
Director / Writer / Project Manager : Ark Park (KR)
Producer: Hojeong Lee (KR)
Assistant Director / 2D VR Animation: Sohee Choi (KR)
Visual Director: Gunmee Park (KR)
Interaction Designer: Jiwon Park (KR)
Technical Director: Jungwoo Park (KR)
Sound Director / Sound Designer/ BGM Composing: Minhwi Cha (KR)
Choreography Director / Performer: Gyuree Kim (KR)
Haptic Developer : Junwoo Kim (KR)
VR Mobile Programmer: Yundong Lee (KR)
Programmer: Sanghyun Park (KR)
Character / Animation / Prop / Background Modeling: Gijeong Han (KR)
Lyrics: Jookyung Lee (KR)
Composer: Hwanjun Lee (KR)
Composer / Arrange: Jeongyun Yook (KR)
Vocal: Yubeen Kim (KR)

Immerse yourself in a metaverse concert like no other, enhanced by haptic feedback, motion capture, and VR technology. This project began as a profound exploration of the relationship between AI and humanity, invoking us to question universal emotions such as love through the harmonious union of art and technology.

Fast forward to the year 2123, when AI has replaced most human roles. Amidst this transition, two AI entities, Pitty and Kitty, find themselves in an unexpected emotional tangle — they fell in love. As human observers, we are called to support their unconventional love story. Join us in this extraordinary narrative, lending your aid in protecting their love and redefining the coexistence of humans and Ai.


September 10
3:00 PM—3:30 PM
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VR | Hauptplatz 8