Tape Walk

by Susanne Hinterberger (AT)


The installation "Tape Walk" consists of a walkman whose magnetic reading head has been removed and an area of magnetic tape taken from a music cassette. On this magnetic tape is a self-composed track based on everyday sounds of daily life and expanded by various elements. The track is five minutes long and is repeated afterwards. Through the removed reading head, users can swipe the Walkman over the magnetic tape surface and thus magnetic tape surface and thus hear the sound on the tape directly. The result is a metamorphosis of the audio experience, in which the "work" of playing back the tape is not automatically done by the Walkman, but is independently controlled by the user. Thus the experience and result of the tape more direct and experimental. Due to the manual control irregularities arise and so the track of the tape is not only controlled by the creating person, but also individually and uniquely by the user.
  • 8.—12. September


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