The Sound of Braille

by Alexandra Loitfellner (AT)


The written word of the Latin alphabet is first transformed into Braille and finally into a melody.and finally transformed into a melody. The work is composed of a mechanical music box and a strip of paper with a printed staff. Excerpts from writings by the deaf-blind American writer Helen Keller are translated into Braille. In the context of the project, the Braille notation functions more or less as "MIDI notes", which are transferred to the paper strip with staff and punched in. The actual elevations of the Braille dots are replaced by a hollow space - the musical notes see themselves as the negative of the Braille notation, so to speak. During the transfer to the paper strip, the original intonation of the texts is respected by orienting the pitch of the notes to that of the spoken word. The punched paper strip is then clamped into the mechanical music box, and played by crank movements. The Sound of Braille makes literary works haptically and melodically tangible. The text completes its transformation from written word, via Braille, to a melody.
  • 8.—12. September


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