Topografische Videoinstallation

by Reinhard Zach (AT)


The perception of distances has been distorted since people started moving around by motorized means. Cities are perceived as larger because distances are slower to cover. Freeways, fast trains or flights, on the other hand, make distances between cities seem far shorter than they really are. The video installation shows 209,000 photos from a bicycle trip to Moscow, during which the camera's shutter was automatically released exactly every 20 meters. The camera was charged with the dynamo. The film lasts almost 2 weeks and runs day and night. With the help of the photos we follow the route at a continuous speed of 18 km per hour. In this way, the associated topography is made clear in real time. In addition to the size of our continent, the world away from the highways is also thematized.
  • 8.—12. September


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