Dress Codes & Dance Codes

by Magdalena Neuburger (AT)


Approaches from the underground are evaluated for their relevance to fashion, and applied at different stages of the digital design and production process. The results are visualizations of recorded traces of movement in various materials surrounding the digital body. They reveal an inherent coherence between the disciplines of fashion and dance. As a communication tool and an identity-building medium, both fields can visually represent individuality and cultural belonging. Freed from physical limitations, the digital designs express these aspects more deeply. Using African and Hispanic diasporic dances as inspiration, the project reflects on the central position of historically privileged Western movements and approaches in the context of fashion, and their destabilization. The artist is aware of her privileged position in being heard and welcomed to spaces that others are rejected from.
  • 8.—12. September


    LOOPS OF WISDOM Exhibitions

    COLOR-MOVEMENT-SOUND - Hauptplatz 6
    Crafting Futures Lab - Hauptplatz 8
    FLUT Freiluft, Hauptplatz 8, Hauptplatz 6
    Haptic Experience - Hauptplatz 6
    Infinite Nows - Splace am Hauptplatz
    Interface Cult - Hauptplatz 8
    Metamorphosis - Hauptplatz 6, Strafsachengalerie
    Play with Pixels - Hauptplatz 8
    Post-Covid Fictions - Hauptplatz
    Post-it to Post-it: 2020-2030
    Shaping the Future, Hauptplatz 6
    Time-based and Interactive Media Arts - Hauptplatz 6, Hauptplatz 8, Strafsachengalerie