Time-based and Interactive Media Arts


by Felix Winkler (AT)
Quarinsane, a portmanteau of quarantine and insane, is an interactive visual novel that deals with the subconscious side of the quarantine in the pandemic. In the form of a first person game developed in Unity, it asks questions like: What happens to us when we shut ourselves in? What happens when we lose closeness to others, when closeness means contagion? How do we not lose the footing in the balancing act between a safe distance and warmth-giving closeness?
  • 8.—12. September


    LOOPS OF WISDOM Exhibitions

    COLOR-MOVEMENT-SOUND - Hauptplatz 6
    Crafting Futures Lab - Hauptplatz 8
    FLUT Freiluft, Hauptplatz 8, Hauptplatz 6
    Haptic Experience - Hauptplatz 6
    Infinite Nows - Splace am Hauptplatz
    Interface Cult - Hauptplatz 8
    Metamorphosis - Hauptplatz 6, Strafsachengalerie
    Play with Pixels - Hauptplatz 8
    Post-Covid Fictions - Hauptplatz
    Post-it to Post-it: 2020-2030
    Shaping the Future, Hauptplatz 6
    Time-based and Interactive Media Arts - Hauptplatz 6, Hauptplatz 8, Strafsachengalerie