Time-based and Interactive Media Arts


by Daniel Fischer (AT)
Water is life. Without water, nothing organic exists. This water installation visualizes - symbolically - how rain brings the whole world to life. In a very tangible way of presenting and visualizing data, rain is represented by real drops of water. The installation features a black, wooden pedestal with a recessed world map filled with sand. Technically, the realization is done by a mini-computer, which evaluates live weather data and positions a water tank in an X-Y system above the world map. At places with precipitation, water drops fall onto the sand. On the ceiling, a Raspberry Pi mini-computer controls two stepper motors that move an electric valve on rails. The mini-computer constantly receives new weather data from the weather app „openweathermap.org“. On the basis of these data the valve is positioned in X and Y direction. If it rains at a specific point on earth, a drop is triggered at the corresponding point within the installation. In the wooden platform are milled depressions in the form of continents, which are filled with sand. The drops fall only on the continents and the sand absorbs the water. Depending on room temperature and humidity it takes about 10 minutes until a drop dries up.
  • 8.—12. September


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