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Hauptplatz 6 / ground floor

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Jana Simbürger (DE)


The digital and analogue worlds do not have to be considered separately, because what connects us to these worlds are our emotions and our bodies. This work was created out of the desire to enable people to experience a form of self-compassion through the digital world of ORRO, and to start the journey from the digital to the analogue – to the self – in a way that is autonomous. Thus ORRO is an audio-visual journey for dreams and stories as well as relaxing music and binaural sound. 

Lisa Maier (AT)

Beat by beat it gets brighter

The digital work combines various 360° photographs/light-painting and video recordings of Austrian folk dances. With her work, she aims to link folk culture with contemporary digital art. Through the de-personification and the reduction to the line of movement with light, she enables a new approach to these often prejudiced or outdated topics, enabling folk dance to be experienced in a new way.

Jennifer Eder (AT)

Bad Trip

Bad Trip is an animated music video for the band Bad Karma Club. Caught in the loop. Alone. Different from back then. When we wanted to conquer the world. Summer days made us feel invincible. I go out. Deforming. Reignite anew.

Melanie Steinhuber (AT)

garbage collector

Garbage Collector is the result of a week-long collection of everyday household trash. An abstract image consisting of numerous waste materials represents a place in nature that holds special meaning for the artist. The garbage contrasts with the pristine landscape that was once there. Using the rubbish in both image and sound by recording more than 40 different samples of garbage goes back to the roots of sampling. The union of the auditory and visual collage awakens personal memories of that place. For viewers who may be unfamiliar with the place, the impulses transmitted can nevertheless provide a recognizable feeling. To do justice to the environmentally friendly nature of the work, only existing materials were used.

Shari Keplinger (AT)

off our bodies

Off our bodies is an animated digital drawing about a pro-choice protest. It aims to stimulate reflection and discourse and shows the artist’s personal approach to the issue of abortion. The animation itself also displays the trial and error of the drawing. In retrospect these are struggles that women have to endure repeatedly regarding their bodies and the issue of choice over it. The title is a word game; it can be a request or unfinished sentence, intended to show the concept of consent.

Shari Keplinger (AT))

three things

Every morning for a few weeks the artist wrote down three things she was thankful for. On top of her writing, she drew a sketch of something that was inspiring, motivating or encouraging for her as well. Through that experiment becoming a habit, she forced herself to be more focused and aware of the positive aspects of life. The artwork can be seen as a request for visitors to write and draw their Three Things of the day.


Anja Haidecker (AT)

post process of a journey

A computer program reads an analogue photograph and translates it into sound. This sound serves as the base for the reconstruction of the original image, which is drawn by calculating the maximum amplitudes of all frequencies. Due to the algorithms used, the result of this medial transformation process is merely a shadowy image. *Post process of a journey* refers to the journey from analogue to digital, from image to sound and sound to image.