Bring Your Own Art

by You!

The BYOA at the Agora Digitalis stage is an open and casual event, inviting artists, (partner) university students, researchers
& makers to give flash presentations about their art works and projects. The event is open for all artistic fields, but especially encourages emerging artistic and multi-disciplinary research in the art and technology field and its accompanying debate.

Presentation time is max 5 minutes. Setup/preparation and dismantle must be done within 5 minutes. And: Bring your own USB!
Available on stage: 1 microphone, 1 laptop, 1 PA, 1 sound mixer

How to register & take part?
If you are physically present in Linz, please come to the venue the latest 10 minutes before the event starts. Please be aware to register at the entrance. Basically we follow the ‘first come, first present’ principle!

For online presentations, please send a short notice to carla.zamora-campos [at] the latest by Friday, September 11th, 14:00 Central Europe time. You will get a link to the online presentation platform. We can host 3-5 online presenters max, depending on the number of live presenters.

We are looking forward to unusual presentations and exciting works!

Tags: Open Stage
  • 11 September

    AGORA DIGITALIS: Bring Your Own Art

    15:30 - 16:30 · Hauptplatz 6, Strafsachengallery