All at Once

by Juan Pablo Linares Ceballos (CO)
All at once is a project focusing on the space between images, the way memory rewrites itself constantly from the visual stimulus that we are exposed to through our screens and how it gives shape to the world we inhabit. The project presents a reflective visual digital space made from images constructed using 3D software, programming and visual editing tools. It is an installation of multiple screens displaying short videos from captures of my screen while I work on constructing the images I desire. The videos are played in random order on each screen, so that different visual compositions are possible while people visit the space: there is always something not being seen as we turn our eyes to the other side. I wonder about the process in which each image that has been seen becomes an action towards the world. The installation proposes a space of compressed time between those simultaneous steps as our vision travels around them.
Tags:Digital Space, Image, Installation, Memory, Screen, Video