by Thu Trang Eva Ha (AT/VN)
WWWORLDGARDEN is a social virtual reality experience. The online space is built on concepts of Electronic Dance Music Festivals. Playful lasers, smoke machines, powerful projections, flashy visuals promote feelings of “ecstasy”. In a state of emergency such as the current one, it is not possible to organize cultural events safely and the date when we might return to concerts, clubs, or festivals is unknown. Cultural gatherings are the last on the list of social events to return. Despite DJs using social media platforms to make live stream events happen, the experience of listening to techno music at home cannot be compared in any level to how music is experienced at physical raves, where an intimate communication between the DJ and the participants is established. DJs interact with their crowd through music, and the crowd interacts back with dance, creating a nonverbal feedback loop in which both parties operate as one unit. Thu Trang Eva Ha—aka Shinsekai—establishes WWWORLDGARDEN, an online stage to celebrate the virtual festival experience.
Tags:EDM, Installation, Performance, VR