Photosynthetic Me

by Vanessa V (Concept and design), Andrea Macchia (Images), Vincenzo Guarnieri (Scientific design)
Photosynthetic me emerges from a process-based experiment, in which I am the test subject, around the idea of becoming plant-like. This is based on scientific studies of the photosynthetic qualities of the Elysia chlorotica slug. The aim is my evolution, whereby I try to activate a photosynthetic system that can make me self-sufficient for food and energy requirements. The artwork explores the limits among science, fiction, art and life, displaying video and text documentation. It’s also an installation that actively involves the visitor. Photosynthetic me is part of a personal path started a few years ago when I tested positive for the risk of two genetic mutations: breast cancer (BRCA1) and thrombosis (MTHFR). So, I decided to inquire into the debate around innovative techniques in Genetics. What if we could replace the diseased parts of our DNA? What if we can swap genes with other species becoming like leaves? Is this natural? Can I evolve in my imperfection? Is it possible to be perfect? Production: Alessia Gervasone Thanks to: Mara Brancaccio and her laboratory for the scientific support and Andrea Ballo for the images during the Covid-19 quarantine.
Tags:Bio-Art, Documentary, Genetic Art, Immersiveness, Installation, Visual Arts, VR