Proof of Consensus

by Mario Romera (ES)
POC (Proof of Consensus) is a web application meant to facilitate decision making processes within groups. It offers the space and time to rethink how consensus mechanisms work. Within this art project, participants will find a combination of technologies such as Peer to Peer (P2P) protocols, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and distributed computing algorithms (Scuttlebutt, pseudo-PAXOS) joint with data visualization techniques (Text vectorization), design thinking (reverse engineering companies strategies) and methodologies from social movements. Proof of consensus is a “stalker” into the world of politics, technology, art and society. Following the echoes of social movements, it digs into machine strategies and techniques, researching new ecosystems in which humans can learn to understand each other and form consensus.
Tags:Application, Collaborative, Decision-making, Distributed, Installation, Local Area Network, Machine Learning, Politics, Social