A distributed location performance (2020)

by AWNJS All Women’s Networked Jam Session
The All Women’s Networked Jam Session manifests as an opening in space, time, and subjectivity, providing a locus of interaction between femme artists working in diverse media in diverse cultural and spatial contexts. This event seeks to negotiate and celebrate the forms of distance between an act and its reception; latencies become sites of discovery and discourse, creating and revealing communities. Performers: Anat Ben-David, Tina Frank, Panja Göbel, Krõõt Juurak, Diana Lindbjerg, Melissa E. Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie, Ximena Alarcón, Catharine Cary, Sophia Efstathiou, Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir, Amanda Fayant, Ada Hoel, Kamura Obscura, Michelle Rassmussen, Renka, Trudi Veremu and Angélique Willkie.
Tags: Performance
  • 11 September

    SOUND CAMPUS: AWNJS All Women’s Networked Jam Session: A distributed location performance (2020)

    21:45 - 22:30 · Hauptplatz 6, Hauptplatz 6, Glashörsaal D (H6.DG.04)