PYUK edp. (DJ3XXICA + Shinsekai)

by PYUK edp. (AT)
PYUK.edp is an international collective focused on gender and genre diversity in dance and club culture. Influenced by their background in digital media arts, their approach explores the edges and intersections of clubbing culture and the internet. This collective holds events in Linz in order to make a significant contribution to the local arts and culture scene, while also developing online initiatives to connect the local scene with the international online scene. DJ3XXICA (PYUK edp.). Coming from the deepest online alleys, she doesn't want to reveal too much about herself, but her fierce persona will take over your body and soul on the dance floor. Shinsekai (PYUK edp.) DJ as a composer, DJ as a performance practice.
Tags: club culture, gender, genre
  • 12 September

    SOUND CAMPUS: PYUK edp. (DJ3XXICA + Shinsekai)

    19:00 - 21:00 · Hauptplatz 6, Courtyard