Duo 3-Kanal (Katharina Klement, Martina Claussen) (AT)

by Katharina Klement, Martina Claussen
The "Duo 3-Kanal" (Martina Claussen, voice, objects & electronics; Katharina Klement, zither & electronics) works with the idea of the setting of a small third extra loudspeaker, which as an integral part, like an additional instrument, helps to determine the formal sequence and spatial events. The possible wandering between the stage PA and this third sound body allows ideas like masking, contrast or temporal shifts within these channels to flow into the performance. The performers step into the optical background as actors, illuminating and staging their mini-acusmonium, acting with analog and digital electronics, prepared zither, voice, objects, microphones and pickups.
Tags: Performance
  • 10 September

    SOUND CAMPUS: Duo 3-Kanal (Katharina Klement, Martina Claussen)

    21:15 - 21:45 · Hauptplatz 6, Glashörsaal D (H6.DG.04)