merge and dissolve

by Thomas Grill (AT), Till Bovermann (DE), Kathrin Hunze (DE)
This performance involves three interactants, two predominantly working in the audio domain (Thomas Grill and Till Bovermann) and one focusing on a visual counterpart (Kathrin Hunze). We generate and exchange streams of *1-bit audio*, a signal representation with properties of both the digital and analog domain that we have already been investigating in the artistic research project "Rotting sounds – Embracing the temporal deterioration of digital audio" (FWF PEEK AR445-G24). With simple switchboard matrix devices, we channel such bit streams between the individual performers and through simple processing modules, like delays, logical operators, etc., generating feedback and interferences on the way. These phenomena are made audible and are also mirrored by a visual representation of particle streams, forming directed jets and point cloud aggregations.
Tags: Performance
  • 11 September

    SOUND CAMPUS: Thomas Grill, Till Bovermann, Kathrin Hunze: merge and dissolve

    20:10 - 20:35 · Hauptplatz 6, Glashörsaal D (H6.DG.04)