Reclaiming Time – ElektroMagnetikSpektrum

by Brane Zorman (SI)
Reclaiming Time - ElektroMagnetikSpektrum is part of the authors continuously evolving ''EMS Series'' exploring the unknow, untracked unmapped and unheard fluxes and moments in time from distant deep space past glued and treated with recorded radiation forms created by human activities. The performance is composed from various wide radio band recordings and live inputs from pointing at positions and colour constellations of our and other solar systems, stars, planets, and endless flux of scattering electromagnetic radiation of past thus tracing distant echoes that might appear only once in a time-lapse of our universes before they vanish or transform into other forms of energy or radiation.
Tags: Performance
  • 10 September

    SOUND CAMPUS: Brane Zorman: Reclaiming Time - ElektroMagnetikSpektrum

    21:55 - 22:25 · Hauptplatz 6, Glashörsaal D (H6.DG.04)