by Xiaoman Bai, Gabriele Ragusa, Zi Yin Zhou (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

Untitled is a project inspired by Donald Judd’s theory of art. It consists of a wooden cube gazebo with two seats and a table that invite passersby to sit on them. The distance between the elements perfectly meets the current requirements of distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The environment reflects the intentions defined by Donald Judd in the last part of his artistic life, especially with the essay ‘Specific Objects’, in which he describes his concept of space as something to invent, a completely malleable creative element.

Following the situation nowadays, the project revolves around the theme of social distancing in public spaces, such as parks. The space is a module which can be repeated throughout the green areas of any city, but with a certain order that respects the philosophy of the artists on how to the position the elements.

Course of Arts and Languages of the Present
Professor: Luca Guerrini
Assistant: Antonio Aiello
Academic Year 2019/2020

UNTITLED gazebo was built thanks to financial support of: